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Indi Deol Elected onto Executive Committee of IAB

Indi Deol has been elected onto the executive committee of the Institute of Asian Businesses (IAB).

The IAB is a group that is attached to the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce (BCC) and specialises in providing support for Asian businesses and business owners across the Birmingham area.

The BCC has been established for over 200 years and set up the IAB to specifically target help towards the growing Asian business community in Birmingham.

Nasir Awan, president of the IAB, says of the organisation:

“For many years we have helped and supported our members to grow their business, create jobs and boost the Midlands economy.”

The IAB committee is an independent advisory body which was set up to represent the interests of the IAB members and the commercial development of IAB as a part of the BCC.

Indi spoke of his enthusiasm at being selected for the IAB executive committee, saying:

“I am honoured to be elected onto the executive committee of the Institute of Asian Business.”

“This opportunity will allow me to debate and propose new policies and initiative relating to the day-to-day business of the IAB and its members as well as suggesting new ways of harnessing the power of digital media within the organisation.”

This Committee meets bi-monthly and comprises of up to 13 individuals who are selected due to their experience of running their own individual businesses.

Also taken into account when selecting the committee members, is that they should have a wide knowledge of Asian businesses and also have links with local partners, stakeholders and key employers.

The IAB committee is, therefore, an important panel of leading business people, which actively raises crucial issues that are pertinent to the Asian business community of the West Midlands.

This is both a voice within the West Midlands for Asian business owners and a voice which is heard on a national level.

Indi hopes that through this committee he can put forward many new ideas and really make a difference to the Asian business community in Birmingham, and also throughout the West Midlands.

Additionally, Aidem Digital is now a Premier Plus partner for the IAB, and so will be able to gain even more opportunity from this impressive organisation for Asian business development in the West Midlands.