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Aidem Digital Awarded Google News Initiative Grant for Serving Underserved Communities

Aidem Digital Awarded Google News Initiative Grant for Serving Underserved Communities

DESIblitz, the leading online platform catering to the UK’s South Asian diaspora interests, has been selected as a recipient of the prestigious Google News Initiative grant. This grant is part of Google’s commitment to supporting news organisations that serve underrepresented communities worldwide.

The Google News Initiative recently launched the ‘News Equity Fund,’ a global initiative aimed at providing financial support and opportunities to news organisations primarily serving marginalised communities. The fund’s objective is to bolster inclusion, strengthen diversity in the news landscape, and provide specific assistance to small and medium-sized publishers producing original journalism for underserved audiences globally.

DESIblitz, renowned for its comprehensive coverage of South Asian culture, lifestyle, and current affairs, was chosen for its dedication to representing and serving the needs of underrepresented communities. The platform’s commitment to fostering meaningful dialogue, promoting cultural understanding, and amplifying diverse voices aligns seamlessly with the goals of the Google News Initiative.

Receiving this grant underscores DESIblitz’s pivotal role in bridging informational gaps and providing a platform for marginalized communities to share their stories and perspectives. The funding will enable DESIblitz to further enhance its journalistic endeavors, expand its reach, and deepen its impact within the South Asian diaspora and beyond.

Speaking about the grant, Indi Deol, DESIblitz’s founder and CEO expressed gratitude for the recognition and emphasised the platform’s unwavering dedication to promoting inclusivity and diversity in media. He stated, “This grant not only validates our mission but also empowers us to continue championing the voices and stories often overlooked by mainstream media.”

The Google News Initiative’s investment in DESIblitz reflects a broader commitment to fostering a vibrant and equitable news ecosystem worldwide. By supporting platforms like DESIblitz, the initiative aims to catalyze positive change, empower underrepresented communities, and ensure that diverse perspectives are adequately represented in the media landscape.