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Aidem Digital to produce Mobile App for Worcester Children’s Centres

Aidem Digital CIC has been selected to produce an interactive mobile phone App for Worcester Children’s Centres. The project was commissioned by the national organisation Action for Children who are deploying services in Worcester via their Birmingham services.

The mobile App will provide up-to-date information about the children’s centres in the Worcestershire area. Currently, a lot of the information is in print and cannot be available to parents and children who do not have simple access to the children’s centres, so the App will bridge this gap.

In addition, the App shall prove information about What’s on at each of the centres with an events diary and where the locations of the centres are for those who do not know. Searching by post-code and age group can provide users with the nearest centres to them that provide suitable services.

The design of the App called ‘Early Help’ was done closely with the commissioning team from Birmingham and potential users of the App in Worcester through a series of discussions and workshops. Aidem Digital has an approach to design and development of Apps which focuses on user involvement right from the onset. The key emphasis of the App is to provide accurate information in an easy to use and interactive manner. Usability of the App has to satisfy a range of age groups.

Indi Deol, Managing Director of Aidem Digital CIC says:

“This is another example of how Aidem Digital provides digital services which have a great social impact.”

“We are very pleased to be selected as the supplier to develop the Early Help App and are working hard to ensure to deliver a functional solution which meets the needs of the users.”

The idea of the App was very welcomed by young parents and older parents alike who feel this kind of information available from their smartphone will help them engage a lot more with services provided at the children’s centres in Worcester.

The App has many uses such as helping new people moving into the area, helping isolated young mums find out what’s on close to them, allow staff at the centres to update information and keep it up to date via an easy-to-use administration system – which quicker than using traditional methods such as printing leaflets which can be out of date.

Development of the App is underway by Aidem Digital and deployment is expected in Spring 2014.