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DESIblitz.com winner of Asian Media Awards Best Website award

The inaugural Asian Media Awards took place at the Hilton Deansgate hotel in Manchester on 31st October 2013, celebrating and recognising the hard work and efforts of Asian media professionals in the UK.

With digital media being a very important platform to deliver news and entertainment today, the Digital category at the Asian Media Awards played a pivotal role to recognise that DESIblitz.com had the content and quality required to be deserving of the accolade.

This is a major milestone for DESIblitz.com (a social media venture backed by Aidem Digital CIC) which started publishing stories related to British and South Asians in 2008. Indi Deol, Managing Director of Aidem Digital said:

“We are very pleased that DESIblitz.com was selected as the winner of Best Website award at the first Asian Media Awards which is a fantastic platform to give Asian media contributors much-needed recognition.”

“I would like to thank the tremendous efforts of all our team from the senior editorial team to the video production side and above all the non-stop contributions from all our writers.

“This is a team effort and everyone has a very important and highly valued role to play. This award goes out to all the team.”


DESIblitz.com based in Birmingham provides vibrant on-line lifestyle content which is selectively produced to cover as many aspects of ‘Desi’ News, Gossip and Gupshup in an informative and articulate way, frequently with videos that have been specifically filmed and edited to a high publishing standard.

The team prides itself on publishing as much originally produced content related to its ten lifestyle categories, including Arts & Culture, Cinema, Fashion, Food, Health & Beauty, Sport and Travel. It’s Taboo category does not shy away from discussing those subjects frequently stigmatised in society and swept under the carpet.

With over 11.8 million hits per month, the website magazine is continually growing from strength to strength with the highest audience in the UK followed by India, USA, Canada, Pakistan and the rest of the world.

Faisal Shafi from the Editorial team, who is responsible for Events and PR, said:

“We would like to thank all our partners and supporters for their constant input and without doubt our fans and audiences world-wide who increasingly give us the support to deliver the content they desire.”

[jwplayer file=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQvKwIfjK_k” /]

“The Asian Media Awards have been a long time coming and we are very glad to have taken part in a very well-organised event.

“We totally support everyone nominated and the winners for their significant contributions to Asian media today”

Added Indi Deol.

Lead Editor, Aisha Farooq said:

“This is a great example of how Aidem Digital supports and develops young people by giving them a chance to work in a real fast-moving and challenging digital media environment, using the digital publication DESIblitz.com as the ideal catalyst, to help us realise the skills we are learning and developing.”

The Asian Media Awards 2013 have been a huge success and have given DESIblitz.com the recognition wholly deserved for being the Best Website, which brings you News, Gossip and Gupshup all with a ‘Desi’ twist.

Visit the award winning website: DESIblitz.com