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DESIblitz Arts Platform Launched to Empower Emerging Writers and Poets

DESIblitz Arts Platform Launched to Empower Emerging Writers and Poets

In a dynamic move to bolster support for creative practitioners especially within the British South Asian diaspora, Aidem Digital CIC has announced the launch of DESIblitz Arts, a dedicated online platform aimed at showcasing and encouraging literature talent. The platform, unveiled in 2020, underscores Aidem Digital’s heightened commitment to nurturing and promoting creativity within this vibrant community.

DESIblitz Arts is poised to become a hub for poets and writers, particularly those with a South Asian theme, offering a platform for showcasing short fiction, poetry, and other forms of artistic expression. Whether you’re an established poet, an aspiring short story writer, or a budding comic artist, DESIblitz Arts provides a unique opportunity to publish and promote your creative works.

With a mission to foster a supportive community and provide recognition to emerging talents, DESIblitz Arts aims to elevate new voices and stories that resonate with South Asian heritage. The platform’s vision is ambitious: to introduce and empower 150 new and diverse writers/authors by 2030. This goal is already well on it’s way and will be achieved through strategic collaborations and partnerships with engaged individuals and organisations.

Indi Deol founder of DESIblitz said¬†“DESIblitz Arts is not just a platform; it’s a celebration of creativity, diversity, and the rich mix of British South Asian culture. Through DESIblitz Arts, we aim to provide a nurturing space where emerging talents can flourish, voices can be heard, and stories can inspire. We’re proud to be at the forefront of championing British South Asian creatives and look forward to empowering many more voices in the years to come.”

DESIblitz Arts will not only showcase creative works but also provide invaluable support through initiatives such as the DESIblitz Literature Festival and collaborations with industry experts. The platform is grateful for the guidance and support of its incredible industry experts and ambassadors, who lend their expertise and advice to help realise its ambitions.

Valuing the contributions of its ambassadors, DESIblitz Arts proudly presents these key figures who play a crucial role in shaping the platform’s direction and impact. By publishing works on its online platform, which boasts over 550,000 readers each month, DESIblitz Arts aims to amplify the voices of new and emerging writers, providing them with a platform to reach a wider audience and thrive in the world of literature and arts.