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Aidem Digital runs Digital Media Workshop

Being part of an ever-fast moving industry such as digital media has its advantages but it’s important at the same time to develop skills further to address project needs. In December 2012, Aidem Digital ran a focused workshop on video and on-line content production for project team members.

The aim of the workshop was to engage teams members based around the country to attend the workshop and learn more about standards and quality related to developing digital content for projects.

When producing digital content it’s very easy to overlook the small detail or in fact, focus too much on the small detail and miss the bigger picture. Therefore, the workshop presented concepts related to video filming, video editing and post-production, and how to make sure workflow plays an appropriate role in the process of producing a digital film.

Aidem Digital runs Digital Media WorkshopSchedules and timing for production always dictate the final delivery so it is important that members attending the workshop also had practical exercises to help them learn and demonstrate the importance of getting things like filming right at the source, on time and at the quality expected.

The second half of the workshop focused on writing for online. It explored the pitfalls and success factors to show online copy can be produced to the standards and quality that would actually be read. There are many mistakes made during writing online copy and producing content based on what people write for print or other mediums. These issues were discussed in the workshop and attendees revealed how they never realised how important it was to get this aspect write than just focus on the subject matter.

Members who attended the workshop found it extremely helpful and useful.

Aidem Digital runs Digital Media Workshop

Dean Wyatt, Video Editor at Aidem Digital said:

“This was a very useful workshop which has helped me realise the role I play and how it relates to others in the projects we produce and deliver.”

Apprentice Syed Ali Mursalin said:

“It’s been a great day. Very enjoyable and learned a lot.”

“Especially, learning about how everyone plays a part in producing quality online content.”

Faisal Shafi an Editorial Assistant working on DESIblitz.com said:

“Working and learning with other team members today provided a lot of feedback on how we can work better and more efficiently to produce timely digital content.”

Managing Director of Aidem Digital, Indi Deol said:

“The workshop demonstrated on how we can network and continuously develop skills for an ever-changing industry. It is a case of staying on top or simply be left behind.”

If you are interested in a Digital Media Workshop please get in touch, as it could help you improve your understanding of online content, it’s development and how to deliver it with standards and quality in mind.