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Aidem Digital Photography published in Big Society Capital’s Anuual Report 2014

The 2014 Annual Report by Big Society Capital, entitled Social Investment: From Ambition to Action, Annual Review 2014 featured photography by Aidem Digital CIC.

Photos were featured within the report, which showed the progress of social investment throughout 2014, and how many businesses have been helped through initiatives to give finance to social enterprises.

Big Society Capital is an independent financial institution in the UK with a social mission, which was set up originally to aid the growth of the social investment market throughout Britain. This social investment is centred on lending or investing money in order to achieve a social benefit in addition to a financial return.

Big Society Capital sees itself as having two roles within the world of social investment. The first of these is acting as a champion for the social investment market, increasing awareness of social investment as a business plan.

The second comprises of being an investor that can provide capital to social investment projects, which can often support charities and social enterprises.

Among the images provided by Aidem Digital were photographs of Big Society Capital Chief Executive Officer, Nick O’Donohoe, at the Social Enterprise West Midlands Finance Fair.

This is an event which aims to bring together Social Finance and Investment experts and providers to discuss opportunities for development in the regional economy. It features keynote speakers, case studies and masterclasses and provides opportunities for business leaders to meet each other, and bring ideas to Social investment Providers as part of a Social Finance Exhibition.

Big Society Capital took part in this Finance Fair, helping to put prospective social enterprise leaders in touch with investment opportunities.

In this vein, Big Society Capital specifically want to increase the availability of finance to provide public services. With this in mind, O’Donohoe spoke on a panel at the Social Enterprise West Midlands Finance Fair. He was captured by Aidem Digital’s photographers.

The organisers of the Finance Fair (Social Enterprise West Midlands) have also praised the work of Aidem Digital, and emphasised that both the photography and video work were of a very high quality.

Aidem Digital also covered the whole of the Social Enterprise West Midlands Finance Fair, providing full digital capturing of the keynote speakers and events.

The collaboration between Aidem Digital and Big Society Capital marks another case of Aidem Digital both generating high quality media content and also working to develop the social investment sector.

The full report can be found here –  Big Society Capital