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Aidem Digital CIC Becomes a Premier Plus Partner of IAB

Aidem Digital has become a premier plus partner of the Institute of Asian Businesses (IAB).

IAB is the most influential and successful group of its kind in the West Midlands. It specifically focuses on providing support for Asian businesses throughout the region and works closely with them to offer the relevant opportunities.

It is run by the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce (BCC) which has been established for nearly 200 years and has a rich history of development in Birmingham’s business world.

Over time the BCC has adapted to changes in the business world and now comprises of a membership-based business support organisation.

IAB is one facet of this large group and was conceived as a way to target British Asian businesses and deliver help that is relevant to the fast-growing Asian business community within Birmingham.

As a Premier Plus member of IAB, Aidem Digital will be able to take advantage of the full range of services that the organisation offers.

Aidem Digital hopes to utilise this opportunity to establish new connections at a wide range of networking events and raise the profile of both the Aidem Digital and DESIblitz.com businesses.

This will happen through increased sponsorship, exhibition and PR exposure.

In addition, there will be lobbying opportunities whereby Aidem Digital will be able to have its voice heard in the business community.

Aidem Digital will also now be kept in the loop with ‘Asian Link’, the IAB newsletter, and also be able to contribute features to the newsletter to promote their work.

Aidem Digital’s gaining of the Premier Plus partnership with IAB was also reported in Chamberlink, featured in the ‘Partners’ section of the November 2014 issue.

This is the official magazine of Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce and is published 10 times every year. It is read by 38, 000 key decision-makers all from local businesses throughout the West Midlands.

It covers business developments in the area of Birmingham, Solihull and Southern Staffordshire.

Indi Deol spoke to Chamberlink about becoming a Premier Plus partner for IAB, saying:

“We became a Premier Plus member of the IAB so that we could develop our brand presence, create awareness and network, promoting our services to other Asian businesses.”

“Through the online magazine, we provide a real opportunity for advertisers to penetrate the Asian community and produce a distinct media platform for aspiring writers, photographers, videographers and journalists.”

As a Premier Plus partner of IAB, Aidem Digital will gain a new opportunity to develop as a business and will also be able to have a lot more exposure. It promises to be another stage in Aidem Digital’s development as an Asian business in Birmingham.