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KTC champions DESIblitz Healthy Desi Heart article

KTC Edibles the popular brand known for many ethnic food products is Britain’s largest manufacturer and distributor of healthy cooking oils.

Formed in 1971 and incorporated as a private limited company in 1979, KTC’s consistent commercial success has been founded upon its appreciation of customer needs and a commitment to total flexibility and the quality of both products and service.

Today, KTC’s customer portfolio covers the full spectrum of the food business from retail, through wholesale, major multiples and food manufacturers. Our KTC brand is familiar to housewives throughout the UK, as well as being known as a major supplier of private label products.

The rate of obesity, high cholesterol and heart disease is a major health issue for people in the UK originating from South Asia and with ‘Desi’ roots. KTC aims to assist with the promotion of healthy eating by producing oils particularly suitable for cooking in a more healthy way, such as KTC Rapeseed oil.

Aidem Digital’s on-line magazine DESIblitz.com features an article in its Food section related to healthy eating especially related to ‘Desi’ people (communities originating from South Asia).

The article titled Foods for a Healthy Desi Heart has been championed by KTC on its official website in its media section – KTC media, endorsing the need for people from a South Asian culture to be mindful of healthy eating.

Medical findings promote the use of healthier fats and oils instead of using too much ghee and butter in Asian cooking. For example, having a high level of cholesterol is one of the most important risk factors for coronary heart disease and consuming foods that promote lower cholesterol is a must to tackle this problem.

The British Heart Foundation encourages the use of Rapeseed oil and Olive oil, which are ‘good fats’ (mono-unsaturated fats) versus ghee and butter (saturated fats), which are not good for the body, if consumed in regular and large quantities.

Therefore, it is important to take heed of the point on the DESIblitz article, which says:

“Healthy Oils – use healthier oils for cooking such as Rapeseed oil to cook South Asian dishes. It has a very mild taste and you do not notice the difference when swapping it with butter or ghee.”

As is could assist you with improving your health for a healthier heart along with other points mentioned in the article, especially if you are Desi.

All in all a healthy social message encouraged both the well-known manufacturer of such oils, KTC, and the British Asian lifestyle online magazine, DESIblitz.com.