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DESIblitz.com wiinner of Best Website award @ Asian Media Awards 2015

DESIblitz.com wins Best Website award at Asian Media Awards 2015

At the prestigious Asian Media Awards 2015 held in Manchester on October 29th 2015, DESIblitz.com won the award for Best Website for the second time in three years.

Since the last win of this highly recognisable achievement in 2013, the flagship project of Aidem Digital CIC, DESIblitz.com has grown from strength to strength.

The team has developed and matured with experience and exhibits even greater drive, commitment and dedication to produce compelling content to the highest quality.

The editors continue to ensure that content is engaging, entertaining and informing for its readers depending on the subject matter.

The online lifestyle magazine has enjoyed a successful 2015 with increasing brand recognition and delivering story-driven articles and video content to both its British Asian and global readers.

Director, Indi Deol, said:

“This is a fantastic achievement for the DESIblitz team, and a great recognition of all the hard work that goes into producing the quality content that you see on a daily basis.”

“I’ve generally found that marketing agencies think that Asian media doesn’t carry any weight amongst mainstream publications, particularly in the online world. But DESIblitz.com has seen a growth of readers, 160 per cent in the last year, who are all keen to read original and unique content.

“That in itself, alongside all the other publications that have been recognised at the Awards this year, is proof enough of how relevant and vital Asian media is in the digital and online sphere.”

DESIblitz.com wiinner of Best Website award @ Asian Media Awards 2015

The official partnership role of the publication has been highlighted with coverage of major events throughout the year including the Alchemy Festival, the London Indian Film Festival, World Cup Pool Tournament and the Ikons Fashion Show which part of London Fashion Week.

Also, major television campaigns included Indian Summers, Desi Rascals and India’s Next Top Model.

Video content for the website has taken shape in the form of regular ‘Desi Chats’ where taboo subjects are often discussed with the public and feature on many of the articles published. Showing engagement with the British Asian public for views and opinions.

The team prides itself on publishing as much originally produced content related to its ten lifestyle categories, including Arts & Culture, Cinema, Fashion, Food, Health & Beauty, Sport and Trends. It’s Taboo category does not shy away from discussing those subjects frequently stigmatised in society and swept under the carpet.

Ecstatic with the win, Lead Editor, Aisha Farooq said:

“Having been part of the DESIblitz team for several years now, I am continually surprised to see the sheer number of talented applicants that come to us on a daily basis. It is proof enough of how limited opportunities like these are actually out there in the media world.”

“The platform DESIblitz provides in terms of journalistic development and support for young budding writers, editors and video editors is second to none. What you get at DESIblitz is that chance to live and breathe real journalism, and produce content that actually matters.”

News Editor, Scarlett Leung, who is responsible for the everyday entertainment and important news articles, said:

“Hard work and good work do not go unnoticed at DESIblitz, and are always rewarded with more opportunities that encourage individuals to grow with the magazine.”

“With a global readership and a team of diverse talents, DESIblitz possesses a unique strength in our world today where everything is hybrid and everyone is interconnected.”

The Asian Media Awards 2015 supported by ITV celebrating the excellence in media have given DESIblitz.com the recognition once again for being the Best Website. An award fully deserved by the whole team who are behind this twice award-winning project.

Visit the winning website: DESIblitz.com